Spanish Games

What's on this DVD?

The DVD contains different kinds of games, to appeal to different children, with varying degrees of simplicity and complexity. The vocabulary and lyrics from the rhymes and songs in the games will provide learning opportunities across a range of ages, so that this resource can be revisited throughout the primary phase of education, and would be appropriate for use at KS3 as well.

Games on 25 SPGs

A fantastic selection of authentic Spanish playground games filmed in Spain to help make language-learning fun! (see below for titles) Chocolate multilingual planning Download PDF

25 Spanish Playground Games

Juegos de Corro – Circle Games

Toma Tomate
Al corro de la patata
Pelota de pin pon
La familia pato
El patio de mi casa

Juegos de Palmadas – Clapping Games

Chino capuchino
Las vocales
En la calle 24
Don Federico

Rimas con Gestos – Action Rhymes

Todos los niños bailan
Este puente va a caer
Una sardina

Para Elegir – Deciders

Pedro pica piedra
Coca cola
Pito Pito golgorito #1
El gato

Otros Juegos – Other Games

Piedra, papel, tijeras
El lobo
Soy capitán
Pares y nones

Juegos de Comba – Skipping Games

Rey, rey
Al pasar la barca
Mamá, Papá