School Visits


PMFL playground games sessions with your classes 


Every school is different, so PMFL school visits are flexible: I’ll talk with you before I come and make sure I organise my time with you to suit your requirements and your timetable.

The set-up 

Ideally, I will be based in one place (to minimise any waste of time moving from classroom to classroom), and ideally that will be the hall (although I know this may not always be possible). A screen or wall for projecting the video images and speakers for the sound are a must: I can provide the equipment, or will use yours if you have them in situ. I’ll bring my own laptop to use, if that’s ok.

How it works 

I’ll work with your classes using a variety of strategies to get children to learn the lyrics and the rules of the games. This will always involve the films on the DVDs, and depending on the level of the children and the time I have with them, will often also involves text level activities.


Depending on how many classes you want to involve, sessions can last anything from twenty minutes to an hour.

The games 

The games will be taken from any of the available PMFL DVDs in the relevant language, which contain clapping games, circle games, skipping games, chasing games, elimination games (‘deciders’ or ‘counting-out games’), action rhymes and other games.


I will aim to teach a variety of games across the year groups as far as possible (there may be some overlap, depending on the length of sessions) and encourage children to share these with each other in the playground.


I will aim to make sure that most children leave the session with a sense of satisfaction and achievement at having learned a variety of games, as well as having had fun doing it.


£250 for a full day
£250 for a twilight session with teaching staff using the PMFL games resources in greater depth
£100 for a twilight session following a full day in school

More information 

Do call Andy on UK: +44 (0)7980 349 086 Switzerland: +41 (0)762 290 170 or email me a number on which I can contact you ( if you need any more information before making a booking.